Our Story

Performance Meets Versatility Meets Sustainability

LANE EIGHT creates a new generation of performance footwear. Moving beyond the sport-specific shoes that have been the industry norm, we create sustainable, functionally versatile workout shoes that can take you from the gym to a run around the neighborhood, from your favourite workout class to your daily coffee run.

It’s modern performance for Everyday Athletes

Built For All Your Moves

Performance shouldn’t pigeonhole activity or style. LANE EIGHT athletes live a life in motion; they need shoes that not only keep up, but boost momentum – no matter how they choose to move. Shoes as dynamic and versatile as you? Now that’s groundbreaking.

Fitness for Everyone

When you put on your first pair of LANE EIGHTs, you step into a community of like-minded Everyday Athletes. We look out for our own. That means providing extra value wherever we can (come to our group workouts!) and, most importantly, making your needs our North Star.

Conscious Creation

We’re not here for buzzwords that sound cool but don’t actually mean anything. Instead, we let our materials do the talking – and everyday, we’re proving that our sustainable materials outperform their harmful counterparts while minimizing our carbon footprint.


We use the best recycled and natural materials to boost performance and decrease our impact. From recycled plastic bottles to algae and eucalyptus, we’re on a mission to show that performance and sustainability go hand in hand.


We’re on a journey to be the first performance workout brand that is fully carbon net zero. From sustainable materials to better manufacturing, we’re committed to making the best workout shoes for you and the planet.