If you’re new to the #EverydayAthlete team (hi waving hand, we see you!) you may be wondering…

What’s with the name LANE EIGHT?

In the world of athletics, the eighth lane is typically reserved for the slowest qualifier in the event. While that might not seem like the best place to be, some of the most incredible achievements and inspiring stories were born from underdogs competing in that lane.

In the eighth lane, you have to trust your training, let go of comparison, and compete against self-doubt. This is something we’ve taken to heart at LANE EIGHT. This is our race, and we’re doing things our way. We’re leaving categories behind in favour of versatility and an approach to movement and fitness that’s less about winning and more about doing!

We are LANE EIGHT. Our mission is to bring fun and sustainability to fitness by making versatile, stylish, and responsibly-developed gear for Everyday Athletes. As we forge ahead, carving our own path in the footwear industry, our name is a constant reminder of the spirit that inspired us to start in the first place.

Ready, set, GO!

August 10, 2022