There’s nothing quite like getting a new pair of shoes. When you pull them on they feel springy and ready to go, and they look great when they’re spotless. But new shoes can also present a bit of a dilemma: How to keep them clean and looking new, or at least new-ish? While picking up dirt and stains on your shoes is unavoidable, we’ve got some tips for keeping your LANE EIGHTs looking their best.

STEP 1: If your shoes are starting to look a little less than fresh, we recommend starting with a firm brush or toothbrush to remove all loose dirt and debris.

STEP 2: Then, apply a small amount of water or cleaning solution to your brush and gently massage the stained area.
STEP 3: Using a towel, wipe away any excess moisture.

STEP 4: An eraser can be used to help remove stubborn stains.

PRO TIP: If you want to prevent dirt buildup, dry brush the microfiber or suede of your shoes after every wear.

August 10, 2022