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Your Best You | Tyra Arleezia

March is Women’s History Month, and here at LANE EIGHT we’re celebrating by featuring women from our community who inspire…

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Your Best You | Crysta Meekins

For our latest feature, we caught up with Crysta Meekins. A dedicated #EverydayAthlete, Crysta is currently in the final semester of her Maternal & Child Health MPH program (Ed. – Congrats Crysta!).

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Your Best You | Libby Christensen

Meet Libby Christensen, our perpetual fitness inspo and awesome everyday athlete. We learned how Libby used patience and reflection to get through 2020 and propel herself into her 2021 goals.

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Your Best You | James Shorrock

Meet LANE EIGHT co-founder James Shorrock to share his fitness journey, and some of the challenges and hurdles the came up in the last year.

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