We offer a 30-day free returns period from the time you place your order. If you’re not sold by day 30, you can return your shoes for free with no questions asked, even if you’ve been staying active in them.

To make a return login and visit your account page, click on order history and select the appropriate order. Click ‘Request Warranty’ and complete the web form to let us know which products you will be returning. Once complete, follow the on screen instructions, print a copy of the return slip to enclose in your returns package and place and complete the relevant shipping label on the outside of your package.

If there is anything else you feel LANE EIGHT should know please write legibly on the returns slip.

Once you have created your return request in your account, as above, you will be presented with a free return shipping label via our local carrier. Please mail us your return package and update the return tracking number in your account.

If you need your exchange pair quickly we suggest requesting a refund and ordering the next pair separately.

Hold tight, it can take our warehouse team up to three weeks to receive and process your return. We’ll be sure to send you a refund notification email as soon as we’ve issued your refund.