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Meet The Sunshine Pack. Launching August 26th, 2021.

LANE EIGHT’s ode to summer days – the ones that start with a burst of brilliant sunlight and end with a glorious, simmering sunset. Monochromatic for ultimate impact, each of our two new Trainer AD 1s is saturated with custom pigments inspired by the spectrum of a warm summer’s day. Bring a dose of summer joy into all 365 days of the year.

Sunrise Yellow is a vivid yellow that evokes the feeling of morning sun – from a sleepy sunrise to a beachy high noon. This brilliant hue radiates positivity, energy, and endless possibilities.

Sunset Orange is a rich, citrusy, bold shade of orange that’s inspired by tones of summer evenings – from golden hour through dusk. This fearless colorway was created to feel as exciting as the start of a summer Saturday night. 

As always, and most importantly, LANE EIGHT’s Trainer AD 1s are designed with Everyday Athletes AND the earth in mind. Each pair = 11 single-use plastic bottles recycled, 31.5 liters of water filtered and returned to local waterways, and 64 cubic meters of carbon dioxide captured within our algae midsoles. No sacrifices made. 

Bring new life into your collection with these can’t-miss colors. No matter how you move, the Sunshine Pack has you covered – daybreak to nightfall.


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