It’s time for us to take our next step toward net zero.

Throughout Earth Month, we outlined Our Mission, Where We Are Now, and Where We’re Going. We vowed to stay on the cutting edge of sustainability, and to keep our community in the loop as we grow up greener. This is that! 

Unsurprisingly, game-changing innovation in sustainability comes at a premium price, which is why we’ve raised the price of the Trainer AD 1 to $110.  

This decision wasn’t taken lightly, as keeping our product accessible to as many Everyday Athletes as possible is one of our core values. These extra dollars are an investment in LANE EIGHT’s future; they ensure we’re able to make logistical and product development decisions based on what’s best for Earth, not just what keeps our business afloat. This price increase will propel us toward our goal of becoming a Carbon Neutral Business AND creating the worlds best workout shoe, simultaneously. 

Here’s something you can always be sure of: LANE EIGHTs will only ever grow in value and quality as they evolve to become even more sustainable. We can’t wait to share what’s in store for the future. 


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