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Say Hello to our newest collection: the Sand & Sea pack. Inspired by our daydreams of tropical beaches and clear waters, this pack features two new colors: Deep Blue and Pink Sand. In a year where we’ve seen vacation plans cut short and opportunities for travel Beverly limited, this pack was dreamt up as a vacation for your feet! Like the rest of our range, these two newest looks are made with the kind of things we prefer in our shoes rather than ending up on beaches and in the ocean, namely Plastic Bottles and Algae!

These latest Trainer AD 1s feature a BLOOM foam midsoles made with algae harvested from toxic algae blooms, and recycled plastic uppers reinforced with vegan suede for added durability. Each pair helps us recycle 11 single-use plastic bottles, as well as clean and return 31.5 liters of fresh water back to the local environment, and capture and store 64 cubic meters of carbon dioxide. Collectively, you’ve helped us prevent over 59,000 plastic bottles ending up in the environment; return over 162,000 liters of fresh water back to local waterways; and capture and store over 330,000 cubic meters of carbon dioxide, and we’re just getting started!

Ready for a vacation? Head over to our shop and check out Deep Blue and Pink Sand now.


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