Essentials with Eric Hinman

If you caught our last Life In Motion feature with Eric Hinman, you’ll know he’s a man who’s constantly on the move. A serial investor, entrepreneur, CrossFit athlete, and all-around badass, Eric is just as demanding of the gear he carries as he is of himself. That’s why we felt it was only fitting that we sit down with Eric to find out what his 8 daily Essentials are to kick off our LANE EIGHT Essentials series. Click through below to see what Eric keeps on hand and why they’re so important to him.


Whoop - "I love my Whoop for tracking activities, sleep, caloric expenditure, and heart rate variability. It's an incredible accountability tool; enabling positive wellness behaviors. I wake up every morning looking forward to seeing my sleep stats!"
LANE EIGHT Trainer AD 1 - "My go to kicks for running, cross training, and lifestyle. I love the styling - they're simple, but stand out. You can wear them in the gym, on the trail, then to a business meeting!"
Onewheel XR - "My Onewheel is my primary form of transportation around Denver. I ride it everywhere - morning coffee runs, lunch meetings, and dinner out. It puts a smile on my face every time I jump on it!"
ROAM backpack - "I got this backpack from a local shop in Denver - friends who make apparel in Bali. I love buying directly from creators. The backpack is fashionable, functional, and durable."
Leica Q2 Camera - "It's simply beautiful. Fun to hold. Fun to shoot with. It makes me want to create every day!"
EOZ headphones - "I love these wireless ear buds. They're the only ones I've found that stay in while mountain biking, running, and sweating profusely!"
Santa Cruz Mountain Bike - "Mountain biking has become my favorite hobby / form of outdoor exercise. It puts me in a flow state when ascending and descending technical terrain in the mountains."
Beam CBD Oil - "I put a dropper of mint CBD oil in my coffee every morning. It gives me focused energy and mental clarity to crush the day!"
Get out and hit the streets, power through your next workouts, and explore the world.
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